Monday, 21 July 2014

Day the Eighteenth

Today was not very exciting.

We left Brussels early in the morning and moved our stuff to the Antwerp train station with the intention of spending the day exploring Antwerp. When we arrived though, we learned it was:
a) Sunday
b) Belgian independence day
This meant that everything was closed. It turns out that there's not a lot to do in Antwerp anyways, so we walked down to the river. We found a plaque celebrating the Canadian Army that opened their harbour up in WWII. That was pretty neat.
Eventually we got on a train and made it to Amsterdam in the rain! I can promise that no human has ever been as happy to see rain as we were after the heat in Belgium.
We didn't arrive until late but we did manage to fit in one activity and went to the red light district after dinner. It was... weird? but in a totally different way than I had anticipated. You walk through these streets packed with bachelor parties and 18th birthday bashes and in each window is a scantily clad woman. Don't make eye contact, unless you want to buy some time with one, then you should probably do that.

Things I ate:
     - chocolate twist, banana yogurt
     - club sandwich, much better than the one in Paris
     - worst lasagna of my life

Highlight of the day:
     - arriving in Amsterdam, it's beautiful