Friday, 11 July 2014

Day the Eighth

There is a group of young  men trying out for the local football team who are also staying at our hotel. I learned this at 2 am and then again at 5. I fell asleep with the tv on, watching the Netherlands v. Argentina game, it is located in front of the window. When the boys came home and woke up the hotel last night I looked up to see a blonde woman staring back at me through a window (on the tv, though I didn't know that). Naturally, after sleeping in the most uncomfortable position imaginable, my limbs were all pins and needles so I lay there in a frozen terror until I fell back asleep again. I realized in the morning that it had only been the tv.
Good start!
We got up and ate breakfast at the hotel. The boys were down there too and I ended up chatting with a young Canadian who is going out for the team. He was incredibly friendly, as we are overseas, and sounds like he may in fact make it here.
After breakfast we went into town to do some shopping and then Tony drove us to Newark. Gordon and I visited a couple of a cathedrals on the way while Tony and Laura napped in the car. Newark was a really cool medieval town. There were lots of Tudor houses still standing and castle ruins from the civil war. We ate lunch in a Tudor house that was all warped and sloped.
Gordon and I spent the afternoon on the train back to London.
We met up with Lynn, a work friend of Gordon's, and her husband, Al. They are Americans from Colorado and New York and were very friendly. We had great conversation over the fanciest food I've had in my life. It was at a little French place across from St John's Palace. I fit in great in my Birkenstocks and messy hair. The waiter took pity on me not being able to read the menu or understand what/how to order and brought me a side of potatoes. I clearly represent myself well in public. The food was delicious though, and in the end I don't think I made too much a fool of myself.
We took one last walk through London very late after dinner.
Nest up: Paris

Things I ate:
     - Large Yorkshire pudding filled with veggies, mash, and English sausage
     - Grilled trout in a white wine, saffron, tomato sauce with fennel and artichoke, side o' fries
     - chocolate salted caramel mousse

Highlight of the day:
     - I have a new Facebook friend in Laura, that means real friend, right?
     - A country drive in Nottinghamshire