Sunday, 6 July 2014

Day the Third

I forgot to include a highlight of the day for yesterday so here it is:
     - omg like all the history

Richard Day!!!
Richard is one of my very best friends, for unknown reasons, who is teaching in Portsmouth right now.

Gordon and I collected my Kanadian Komrade at the tube this morning and continued to Puertobello Market. It was so busy! Literally every human in London was there, or close to it. At one end of it we visited a real live Banksy mural. It really stuck it to the man and was covered with fibreglass so as not to be vandalized. Ironic?

Next up, train to Arsenal to visit Emirates Stadium and have an Arsenal tour. Matt is a big time Arsenal fan so this was done mostly because of mine and Richard's mutual love for Matt and sports. It was very cool. We got to go into the home and away dressing rooms, I sat on a bench that has been graced with the presence of the behinds of Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney, and some other guys who are just ok at soccer.... Sorry, football. We walked through the tunnel which was unbelievably exciting for me and got to stand on the home bench which is really close to the grass, but not actually the grass. You can't touch the pitch, it's basically holy land.

We went to a dive across the street for lunch, visited the Arsenal gift shop, and then went down towards the Embankment to visit the eye. On the way we stopped at the National Portrait Gallery to see the Tudor collection, famous for being featured in every history text book ever. Just Richard and I went on the London Eye as Gordon had been on it a few weeks ago with Graham. It was lots of fun and the views were incredible!

It was great to see Richard again and really wonderful to share such a full day with him.

Things I ate:
     - Hotel breakfast... Toast and stuff
     - Cod, chips, and peas for lunch
     - "The Londoner" pizza with bacon, cherry tomatos, potatoes, mushrooms, and chicken
Highlight of the day:
     - Walking through the player tunnel!
     - seeing Shakespeare's portrait, yeah, that portrait.