Friday, 25 July 2014

Day the Twenty First

It's our last day in Amsterdam :( this has been my favorite city so far. I love the canals and buildings and atmosphere.
We got up earlyish to go to the Anne Frank and beat the line. Good thing we did because we only had to wait for 2 and a half hours in the direct sunlight, standing on cobblestones. The lineup usually doesn't last more than an hour and a half according to the guy at our hostel, so we really nailed the timing on this one. We did finally get in though. It's a very well done museum that goes through Otto Frank's old warehouse and then takes you up into the annex. There is no furniture in it at the request of Otto Frank, he wanted it left empty to represent the loss. It's eerie to walk through the space, but it's much bigger than I had imagined. The house is located along a canal and has beautiful views but the annex is located in the back and looks into a wall. I can't imagine spending two years there and not being able to leave.
Next, we ventured the Van Gogh Museum. Steph and I have about an hour in art museums before we hit our limit so we left Dani to do it at her own pace. It was neat. There was lots of Van Gogh.
After that it was time to grab our things from the hostel and catch the overnight train to Berlin. We shared a cabin with two Dutch boys who shared some beer and a middle aged German man named Rolf. Nobody slept.
Day the Twenty Second will begin at hour 22 of being awake. Then it goes to a dark place.

Things I ate:
     - cheese roll and chocolate twist. I love pastries.
     - a loaf of cheese and onion bread
     - ice cream
     - salad, this balances out my choice for lunch

Highlight of the day:
     - the lineup at the Anne Frank house.... No, that can't be it.
     - Van Goghing overboard on the Van Gogh puns with Steph
     - actually, the Anne Frank house