Saturday, 19 July 2014

Day the Fifteenth

Most of our day today was spent training from Caen to Paris and then from Paris to Brussels.
We got to our hotel, dropped bags, and went off to explore Brussels a bit. We ended up walking through the town square and up to the cathedral but then took a wrong turn on our way to the palace and went to find dinner instead.
After dinner we went to Delirium Cafe, it's a bar that serves over 3000 beers. We had a good time sampling the selection and drank mostly for free because our bartender was great, and she loved us. We met a group of German boys who asked where we were from, we said "Canada" and they erupted into "Oh Canada...."
Not a busy day, but fun.

Things I ate:
     - hotel breakfast again, croissant and Nutella
     - ham and cheese baguette with macarons for dessert
     - deep friend fish, or something, and frites

Highlight of the day:
     - the German rendition of Oh Canada