Saturday, 26 July 2014

Day the Twenty Third

Part 2 of 49 hours in Berlin.
After completing all of Lonely Planet's suggested walks in Berlin yesterday we decided to change things up a bit by walking around Berlin all day.
We started out as a trio and made our way to the Jewish Museum where Steph and I would eventually part ways with Dani, she just museums a lot more hardcore than we do. The museum is really well done. It starts with the Holocaust and deportations of the Jews from Germany and other occupied countries and then moves upstairs into a general history of Judaism. The first floor is very simple with just a few artefacts but it gives a detailed backstory for each item and the person who owned it. The Holocaust Tower is a large empty tower with a small slit of light and lots of echo. It is impressive and moving and represents the void left by the Holocaust. A definite must see for anyone in Berlin.
We moved through the rest pretty quickly. I really enjoyed a portrait exhibit about the postwar trials.
Steph and I left and went on to the Topography of Terror for more Holocaust related fun. It was a really dark day.
Topography of Terror is a free exhibit that goes through Hitler's rise to power and then all the history until the end of the war. It is also very well done but takes a few hours to get through because there is just so much information.
Because we hadn't done enough walking yet, we went to the East Side Gallery and walked all 2 km of the remaining wall. Pretty cool but very disappointing that so many people have vandalized the art.
We continued on our cheery way back to the Holocaust Memorial to check out the room of names, an exhibit that gives a name and short biography about every known victim of the Holocaust. We heard about 7 people, it would take over 7 years to hear all of them.
We made our way for a traditional German dinner in a Bavarian beer hall. Steph convinced me to try pork knuckle and it turns out it's delicious.

Highlight of the day:
     - East Side Gallery
Things I ate:
     - standard hostel breakfast
     - currywurst from a street stand
     - pork knuckle with stewed Bavarian cabbage