Friday, 4 July 2014

Day the First

I landed in London at 10:30, half an hour late and after several tight circles in the air while we waited in the que to land at Heathrow. That was fun.
The excitement continued with another 30 minute wait in line at customs and an agent who didn't seem to believe that I had the occupation of teacher. Woo!
The party came to a close while I waited another half an hour for my pack to arrive while the locals bitched about all the immigrants slowing things down at Heathrow.
Near where I'm staying in Notting-hill 
Things got much better on the other side of arrivals. I met up with Gordon right away as he met me there. We took the tube (!!!!!!!!) to Notting-hill where we stopped by John's place. John is who Gordon stays with while in London, he is 82 and full of amazing stories, including surviving the air strikes during WWII. John made us tea and a quick snack and then we were off walking.
We explored London from about 1-6 as this was the only way to keep me awake. We went through Hyde Park, visited the war memorials, went to Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abby and Castle ruins, saw Big Ben and Parliament, and went through Trafalger Square. To end the day we met up with two of Gordon's friends, David and Nilesh, for dinner at a boutique Swedish restaurant.
The day was busy, long, and so very hot. Too hot for Canadians.

Things I ate:
     - Aged cheddar and pickle sandwich, pork pies, and custard tart at John's
     - Swedish meatballs with gravy, mashed potatoes, and lingonberry for dinner. Yum!
Highlight of the day:
     - Seeing Gordon after my Heathrow adventure
     - That time I looked over my left shoulder to see Big Ben and the London Eye directly behind me