Monday, 21 July 2014

Day the Nineteenth

Revision: I am never drinking again until Barcelona, unless it is free or part of a tour.

It turns out our hostel is located in the middle of the bar and partying area of Amsterdam, which I think is actually all of Amsterdam, so needless to say, we didn't sleep well. 
We got up this morning and went back to Central Station for a canal cruise. While waiting in line for the cruise we chatted with and American family from Minnesota, they had a week off and decided to fly to Amsterdam for 3 days. I liked that. The cruise was pretty cool, it was a great way to see the city. There was a recording that talked about things we could see, it would say everything in 3 different languages and then in English. Without fail, everytime the English part was playing a kid screamed or we went under a traffic bridge and heard nothing. The American family snuck some food and drink on and shared some of their wine with us though. That was better than knowing anything about Amsterdam.
We split up after the tour, Dani went to the Rembrandt House and Steph and I went to the Heineken Experience. It was absolutely pouring and we had one tiny umbrella to share so we were very excited to get to the gift shop at the end and buy ponchos. Turns out that the rest of it is cool too! Our entry got us wristbands that were good for 2 free drinks and a gift. The experience takes you through the history of Heineken and then through the brewing process. About half way through there is a beer testing. Turns out I've been drinking it wrong forever and it's actually good if you do it properly! I should also mention that this was my first Heineken ever. It continues through some more modern representations of Heineken, namely Champs League sponsorship. At the end we exchanged our tokens for 2 beer each and enjoyed them in a lounge. To get the free gift we had to leave the gift store, this time with ponchos, and walk 15 minutes. Amsterdam is like a labyrinth and tourists never get out, so we got a little lost on the way.

Things I ate:
     - banana chocolate muffin, marijuana-free
     - pannekoeken with bacon, cheddar, and onions
     - coconut curry chicken noodle thing from a place called Wok to Walk
Highlight of the day:
     - having a Heineken poncho in the pouring rain after not having one
     - the whole Heineken Experience