Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Day the Twenty Sixth

This is it, the last day before I trek halfway around the world and back to the Canadian Prairies.
We really didn't do much today. The morning and early afternoon was spent at the beach swimming, reading, catching some rays and enjoying another meal from the market.
We ended up back at the market for dinner and bought a variety of empanadas to eat down by the pier. Also, a litre of Sangria, but that should go without saying.
After eating it was back to the hostel to pack my incredibly heavy bag and almost equally heavy carry-on and try to get some sleep before my 4:15 wakeup call.
It was a good and relaxing end to the trip.

Things I ate:
     - fresh fruit, Iberian ham, cheese of some kind, bread, papaya orange juice
     - empanadas, fresh fruit, sangria
Highlight of the day:
     - enjoying a final day in Europe relaxing on the beach