Friday, 4 July 2014

Day the Second

Today was a little easier than yesterday and I attribute it entirely to my not very fashionable choice in footwear.
It was another sunny one in London. Blistering hot temperatures (literally, just ask my feet), but they're supposed to end tomorrow and I'll finally experience some of this rain I've heard so much about.
We started our day by meeting John for breakfast and then accompanying him back to his flat. He zips around the streets on a little scooter that he calls his Harley Davidson. Josh has lived in this part of London his entire life. He is so interesting to talk to because he's lived through so much and all in one borough.
Afterwards, Gordon and I took the tube to Baker Street where we visited 221B, saw the lineup for the Sherlock Holmes museum and opted to visit the gift shop instead. We continued to Picadilly Circus where Gordon's friend, Mike, joined us and went to find lunch at Pret a Manger. Now, the thing about Pret a Manger is, it's amazing. They serve sandwiches and drinks and salad and the like but it's all very good, very fresh, and very fast. I would kill to have one in Calgary.

After lunch, we went to the British Library which blew my little historian mind. I saw the Magna Carta! And John Lennon's handwritten draft of Yesterday! And Jane Austen's writing desk! And an original Guttenberg Bible! And Da Vinci's notes! And Chopin and Stravinsky's score writing! And Skaespeare's reading notes written throughout the Canterbury Tales! Seriously unreal.
But wait! There's more! Next was the British Museum! I saw the Rosetta Stone in person, Cleopatra's mummy and sarcophagus, the marbles from the Parthenon, Sumerian treasures like the Goat in the Thicket, and so, so, so much more.

We took the bus back to our area tonight and Gordon managed to score us the front seats on the top deck twice. It was very exciting!

Tomorrow is a big day with Richard! So now I'm going to try to sleep through the Fourth of July fireworks. Apparently England also likes to celebrate its separation from America....

Things I ate:
     - Eggs Benedict for breakfast
     - Avocado and bacon sandwich for lunch
     - Tea and scones at the museum
     - Pad Thai with prawns for dinner.