Saturday, 12 July 2014

Day the Tenth

Today was much busier than yesterday!
We woke up and ate breakfast at the hotel. I selected pain au chocolat, as I will every morning that I am in France. Why would you choose not to eat a chocolate filled croissant everyday?
First on the agenda was visiting Sacre Couer, something I missed last time. The cathedral is beautiful, but holy smokes is it high up. It was hot and humid this morning, not ideal step climbing weather for a Canadian, especially one from the prairies, but we made it and it actually wasn't that bad. There were so many tourists today. I try not to hate them because I am also one, but my god do some of them ever move slowly! We walked through the church, I'm getting to the point in this Europe trip where a church is a church, is a church. But the ceiling was incredible.
We walked back down the hill and worked our way down through the Louvre grounds and into the Jewish area for lunch. Great food. Lots of rich people. Also, lots of Hasidic Jews doing cool tricks on the street.
After lunch we walked back across the river, down past Notre Dame and into Saint Germain for Gordon to check out a book store. Since I don't speak French and wasn't interested in the French books I bought a couple patches for my travel blanket and watched some sort of Syria related protest. I mostly was interested in the police walking around with semi-automatic weapons.
After all that, Gordon was off back to London and I was left to my own devices. We said our goodbyes and I hopped on a Metro down to the Seine to check out the book and print vendors along the river. There was a grocery stop on my way back to pick up some snacks for dinner and now I have a night and morning off. I'll be collecting Dani at 11:25 tomorrow morning to begin the next part of this adventure.
It was sad saying bye to Gordon, I hope to see him soon and really value the time I got to spend with him these past 10 days.

Also worth mentioning; lots of feces on the streets today and Paris smells like pee. Gordon and I theorized as to why that was... dogs, homelessness, lots of drunk people for Bastille weekend. But! When I was walking on my own I saw a guy pop a squat in the middle of the road. So there's that.

Things I ate:
     - pain au chocolat
     - falafel special.... More delicious than it sounds
Highlight of the day:
     - spending one last day with Gordon
     - also, the badass sunset out my window right now