Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Day the Seventh

Well, I've been in England for a week now. I've called soccer "football" a few times, learned what direction to look before crossing the street, and can now pour tea from a tea pot without dumping it all over myself like a sodding fool. I can also use the term "sodding fool" in a sentence.
I've only got two nights left in England and it's been an incredible experience.
Today we left London and took the train to Nottingham. We spent a few hours wandering around the town. We visited the Robin Hood statue which was being occupied by a group of Polish tourists but eventually managed to get a human-free photo. After that we walked along the castle rock down to The Old Trip to Jerusalem Inn, the oldest inn in England, and had a pint of cider.
We took the bus to Mannsfield, where Gordon is from, and I had my daily transit nap. We met up with Gordon's friend, Tony and his daughter, Laura and are all spending the night in Mannsfield before heading our separate ways tomorrow. After checking in to our hotel we went for a walk in Sherwood Forest and the to dinner followed by a drive around time. Gordon showed me the house he grew up in and where he went to Primary school.
Things I ate:
     - something vegetarian for lunch, it needed bacon
     - carvery for dinner. It's carved meats with veggies.
Highlight of the day:
     - talking Football with Tony
     - seeing where Gordon grew up and hearing all about his family and childhood