Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Day the Twelfth

Happy Bastille Day, France!
We met up with Steph this morning. She was trapped like a little animal at Gare du Nord and so ehow worked her way above and around us via a series of escalators. We eventually all ended up in the same place though.
We worked our way around Paris today in an international sea of humans. It was crazy busy and crazy hot. We basically walked from Notre Dame down to the Louvre, up Champs Élysées to the Arc de Triomphe, and down toward the Eiffel Tower. The. Paris seemingly closed around us. Something to do with crowd control and to avoid terror related activities but all the metros, roads, bridges, and anything else near the tower closed in preparation for the fireworks. We eventually made our way back to the hotel but couldn't find a way down to the fireworks that didn't involve a couple hours of walking after an already busy day so we opted for the tv instead. In the end we were all so tired from the day that it wouldn't have worked out anyways and Steph and Dani were both asleep before the show was half done.

Things I ate:
     - pain au chocolat. Total surprise.
     - Moroccan couscous and meatballs thing
     - worst club sandwich of my life and the restaurant wanted to charge customers a euro for the bathroom.

Highlight of the day:
     - freeing Steph from Gare du Nord
     - this really terrible series of photos of Steph and I at the Louvre pyramids