Saturday, 12 July 2014

Day the Ninth

Today, we took the train to Paris. I can't tell you what that was like because I slept the entire way.
The rest of the day wasn't overly eventful. We got into Paris around 4, went to the hotel, and then wandered down to the bank. We found some dinner at a Tibetan restaurant and then made our way back to the hotel.

Since there's not much to mention from today I'll fill in a bit about what I did last time I was here.
Paris is where I met Graham for our first trip. We spent one day climbing the Eiffel Tower, visiting Arc du Triomophe and Notre Dame, and then capped it off with a 45 minute run through the Louvre. Our next day was spent out at Vimy. We got lost trying to find the monument and then again trying to get back to the train, we walked through stinging nettles and ended up with terrible blisters. But, Vimy Ridge was amazing! We spent hours going through the cemeteries and walking around the monument. Every Canadian should try to fit that one in. Our last day we explored the city a bit more. We went to a market and had a delicious Moroccan lunch and did some shopping. We also visited Pere Lachaise cemetery where the likes of Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, and Georges Melies are buried.
I loved Paris the first time and am excited to be here again to catch some of the things I missed.

Things I ate:
     - tuna and carrot baguette
     - fried rice and meat and veggies and other Tibetan things
Highlight of the day:
     - Exploring Paris with Gordon, he knows where all the good things are