Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Day the Sixth

Today ended up being much later than I had anticipated.
It started out with a shopping trip to Primark, this great, super cheap, department store. I bought myself a sweet new rain coat and a shirt. We went back to my hotel to drop the bags off but stopped on our way at this little Soviet era museum. It was full of toys and appliances from behind the iron curtain and was a great little window into a period of history that we don't often see in the west.
We dropped our stuff, picked up sandwiches and fresh strawberries and had lunch in a quiet garden square before wandering through Little Venice. This area of London is a former river, now canal, that is lined with long, thin, houseboats. It was really neat.
We hopped a train and went all the way across town to Tower Hill. We walked around the Tower of London but didn't go in because we had a bit of a time crunch. We did go up Tower Bridge though, there's a great little museum at the top and we both agreed it was really interesting.
After the bridge, we walked along the South Bank. We visited a cathedral where Shakespeare was  supposed to have attended. There was a little monument for him and a beautiful stained glass in I his honour. We also visited the re-built Globe Theatre.
We walked back to the Embankment over the Wobbly Bridge and stopped in the corporate part of London for Indian food for dinner then continued back to Tower Hill station for a Jack the Ripper Tour. The tour was a 2 hour walk through East London and White Chapel. We visited actual murder sites, walked past and through markets and buildings that were around in 1888, and learned a lot about the victims and theories of who the Ripper was. It was so much fun! Very creepy.

Things I ate:
     - Full English Breakfast: baked beans, grilled tomato, sausages, bacon, eggs, and toast
     - spring onion and cheeses sandwich with fresh strawberries
     - butter chicken

Highlight of the day:
     - Jack the Ripper tour, so much fun walking through history